To build a strong foundation in natural and holistic medicine, AUCM offers an Associate of Arts degree in Asian Bodywork and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Holistic Health. 

For those interested in becoming theoreticians, researchers, scholars, and advanced clinicians, and who are motivated to generate new knowledge and research and create new theories and applications based upon ancient paradigms, AUCM offers Certificate Programs in Herbology, Homeopathic Practitioner, Nutritional Medicine, Ayurveda, Asian Bodywork, Arthava Vedic Psychology & Lifestyle Counseling, Ayurveda Yoga Therapy, and Clinical Aromatherapy. The certificate programs are designed for healthcare practitioners seeking to augment their currents practices or for those interested in studying natural healing who prefer not to embark on an entire degree program.

AUCM has received approval from the State of California to offer its programs in a Distance Learning format. This approval includes all of our programs, but does not include clinical internships or "hands-on" classes. We are now actively developing many of our programs to be provided in this format. We currently offer a few distance learning courses in each of the following: the Homeopathic Practitioner Certificate program, the Certificate in Nutritional Medicine, the Bachelor of Arts in Holistic Studies, the doctoral program in Homeopathy and several courses are available in the Ph.D. in Classical Chinese Medicine.

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Homeopathic Practitioner
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Health Certificate in Japanese


The University currently is a Continuing Education Provider for California Licensed Acupuncturists and Registered Nurses. Additional continuing education programs are being developed for physicians, psychologists and other mental health practitioners, chiropractors, and doctors of veterinary medicine. Please contact the University to express your interest.

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AUCM is pleased to announce the inauguration of distance learning courses in several degrees and certificate programs. Some distance education courses are available for non-internship courses in the Ph.D. Program in Classical Chinese Medicine, the Doctoral programs in Homeopathy, and the Homeopathic Practitioner and Nutritional Medicine Certificate Programs. Additional Distance learning courses are currently in development.
The distance education programs at AUCM integrate several learning modalities, including online print and audio mini-lectures, online discussion boards with interaction with other students and the professor, weekly learning assignments which are posted in the professor¹s online mailbox, and in some cases videos and/or dvd¹s to be observed in conjunction with the course. Students should be prepared to spend several hours weekly engaged in independent reading, online interaction, and completion of course assignments for each online course. Distance education courses will be taught over a 15-week trimester, as are almost all other courses at AUCM. In some instances, distance learning material may be integrated with an in residence weekend or extended-weekend intensive.
Distance education course schedules are posted with schedules for in-residence courses. Please contact us by e-mail or phone, if you have questions about distance education.


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