All information about students is confidential. The Registrar is responsible to assure that such

information is released only to individuals and agencies that have legal access to it. The following

regulations govern academic records:

A. Students may inspect and review their academic records and challenge any content they believe to be inaccurate or misleading. The Registrar or a specifically designated staff member must be present during the review. No document or part of the student's record may leave the direct sight of the staff member. No item may be altered in any way or removed except by the Registrar. No item may be added or copied except by the Registrar, Academic Dean or President.

B. Students may receive copies of transcripts for a fee per copy. On graduating, students may submit written requests for official transcripts.

C. Students and alumni must request copies of transcripts in writing, with a clearly written signature. This is required even if the request is made in person. A fee will be paid to the Registrar. The requests are kept on file.

D. No parent, spouse, guardian, attorney or other representative of a student or alumnus may request a transcript.


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