A student Grievance Committee enables students to pursue grievances against the administration or faculty. The Committee is composed of the Department Chair (for the program in which the student is enrolled), who will serve as Chair of the Grievance Committee, the President of the Student Association, and a faculty member appointed by the Academic Dean.

The Grievance Committee will:

A. Hear the grievance.

B. Hear the university's response, including any charges against

the student.

C. Review any actions taken either by the student or by the

University or its members.

D. Gather relevant information by such means as are appropriate.

E. Prepare a recommendation to the Academic Dean/President.

F. If the circumstances include the Academic Dean/President, and the Academic Dean/President does not accept the recommendations of the committee, the chair will refer the matter to the Secretary of the Board of Directors, for the Board of Directors' decision. In all other circumstances, the decision of the President shall be the final decision.

G. Students may also address their grievances to the Bureau for Private

Postsecondary and Vocational Education, P. O. Box 980818, Sacramento, CA 95798-0818.


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