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The highly respected 88th generation Taoist Priest, Jeffrey C. Yuen, returns to AUCM with another 4-day weekend filled with profound insights into the practical use of the classics to restore health.

October 6, 2006, Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., "Herbal Energetics & Herb-Drug Interactions with Shang Han Lun Formulas" In classical Chinese medicine, ALL diseases -- from common colds to emotional disorders or tumors -- are thought to arise from the need to change (Wind) coupled with a person's inability or unwillingness to change (Cold). on Friday, Daoist priest Jeffrey C. Yuen discusses the Shang Han Lun's energetic approach to herbal formulations that shift as conditions mutate. He also will spend four hours delineating possible herb-drug interactions with Shang Han Lun formulas.

October 7 & 8, 2006, Saturday & Sunday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., at UCLA "Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders: A Meridian Approach" Life for almost everyone involves a series of physical, psychological, and spiritual challenges and traumas. According to classical Chinese medicine, these challenges are part of each person's life curriculum and present opportunities for us to learn valuable lessons. On Saturday and Sunday, Daoist priest Jeffrey C. Yuen will present classical Chinese medical perspectives and blockages that develop when we fail to resolve them. He will show practical applications of the Sinew, Luo, Primary, Divergent, and Eight Extra meridians for releasing physical, psychological, and spiritual pain and conflict & for creating opportunities to experience the freedom that this relief makes possible. Mr. Yuen will demonstrate the roles acupuncture and Chinese medicine can play in helping our clients and ourselves resolve traumas and move on.

October 9, 2006, Monday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., at Fairmont Marimar Hotel, Santa Monica "Daoist Cultivation Techniques" On Monday, Mr. Yuen will discuss Daoist cultivation techniques and strategies developed by the famous Daoist Master Liu Wan Su. Master Liu was a poet and Chinese medical doctor who became the first of the Four Great Masters of the Jin-Yuan Period and the founder of the School of Cooling and Cold. In this class, Mr. Yuen will focus upon Master Liu's use of acupuncture and other Daoist methods as cultivation strategies to counteract lifestyles of excess.

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9 a.m. 5 p.m. (Registration at 8:30 a.m.)
Friday & Monday October 6 & 9, 2006

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