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AUCM Event - click here to view more        6/24/2006    9 - 5 p.m.

During the prenatal period of our lives, form, as Jing, determines how we will function. After we are born, the dynamic changes, and how we function and habitually behave molds and determines our form, including our skeletal structure. Five muscle groups from the neck down to the pelvis are responsible for our musculoskeletal alignment and for blockages that inhibit our freedom and the expression of our potential. As acupuncturists, musculoskeletal problems are often the most common presentations we see. On Saturday, Mr. Yuen will discuss means of freeing our clients from their individual blockages acquired by a lifetime of habitual behavior. He will show practical applications of Chinese medicine for relieving pain & creating opportunities to experience the freedom that this relief makes possible.

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