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Jeffrey C. Yuen DVD sets for Sale

Jeffrey C. Yuen DVD sets

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- Classical Chinese Gems & Stones Medicine:

Dr. Jeffrey Yuen introduces gems and stones as a major components of Chinese medicine in this four dvd series. Historically, the most important materia medicas from Shen Nong's Ben Cao Jing to Li Shi Zhen's Ben Cao Gang Mu described the properties of stones and their uses in "herbal" medicine. In addition, the Shan Hai Jing (Classics of the Mountains and Seas) provides one of the earliest records about the use of stone needles. Yet gems and stones have largely been left out of contemporary acupuncture and Chinese medical practice. According to the classics, the density and solidity of the gems and stones enable them to provide greater permanence in healing and greater stability of energetic intentions than herbs and other products in Chinese materia medica. Gems and Stones also can serve as chelating agents to draw out toxins from the body-mind-spirit continuum, and when applied on acupoints or worn as jewelry, they can promote certain healing vibrations and draw in positive influences and repel negative factors. In this dvd set, Dr. Yuen gives as overview of Gems and Stones as used in classical Chinese medicine, and provide specific material on particular stones and their functions, which practitioners can use in beginning to integrate stones in their practices. Topics covered include making gem and stone elixirs, cleansing &recharging stones, applying stones on acupoints, and placing stones in the home and office.

Recorded 2009

- Alchemical Qi Gong:

ALCHEMY -- THE REDEMPTION OF SPIRIT FROM MATTER -- is one of the chief practices in Daoism. While external alchemy involves the ingestion of minerals and the transformation of these minerals into something precious, internal alchemy uses the physical body as raw material, and attempts to transmute the essence of the physical body into Spirit to enable the practitioner to achieve a degree of immortality. In this six-hour series, Daoist priest Dr. Jeffrey C. Yuen teaches the first set of nine Alchemical Qi Gong exercise that comprise the Tai Yu Shen Gong, the predominant exercise of the Hua Shan School of Daoism. These nine practices nourish the communication between the Kidneys and the Heart, the Jing Essence and the Shen Spirit, building the foundation for other practices. The nine exercises are each performed nine times and can be completed in about one hour's time. In the rarely presented teachings in this series, Dr. Jeffrey C. Yuen, 88th generation Master of the Jade Purity School, discusses the foundation of Alchemical Qi Gong practices and gives step-by-step instructions for how to practice each of the nine exercises.

Recorded 2003

- Abdominal Diagnosis:

In this three-dvd set, Daoist Master Dr. Jeffrey C. Yuen reveals the secrets of the ancient Daoist art of abdominal diagnosis for use in Chinese diagnosis and medicine. Palpatory findings of the abdomen can elucidate the energetics, physiology, and possible pathology for an individual. In this dvd set, Dr. Yuen gives step-by-step directions in Chinese abdominal diagnosis, describing the significance of various palpatory findings.

Recorded 2009

- Classical Chinese Medical Hand Reading:

In this dvd set, Daoist Master Jeffrey C. Yuen reveals the secret of the ancient Daoist art of hand-reading for use in Chinese diagnosis and medicine. The hands reflect constitutional issues - the Jing of the body. However, they may reveal not only our inherited potentialities, but also how we are using our lives to work out unfinished business from this lifetime and possibly others. In this dvd set, Dr. Yuen gives step by step directions in Chinese palm reading, describing the significance of various features for women and men.

Recorded 2006

Jeffrey C. Yuen DVDs

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