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Richard L. Farr, D.M.S.
Doctor of Medical Science in Homeopathy

6 - 9 p.m. PDT, for 15 Thursday evenings
In-Residence or via Real-Time Video-Conferencing
Beginning April 9, 2009
Los Angeles, CA

Resonance homeopathy seeks to select homeopathic remedies that create the best harmonizing bioresonance for the bodymindspirit of the patient, to generate a powerful synchronized, healing response stimulating the body to restore itself to health and wholeness. Early homeopaths used several autonomic nervous system (ANS) reactions to homeopathic remedies to determine the efficacy of a remedy. These ANS symptoms included pupil reflexes; pulse changes; changes in the rate, rhythm, depth, movement of the chest, and effort in breathing; skin responses; and changes in percussion responses and palpatory reactions. The well-known homeopath, C.M. Boger, for example, shared his experiments with using the pulse reflex in a difficult case, spending days testing numerous remedies until he found a rare remedy with no proving data that changed the pulse of his patient and fully cured the case. Contemporary approaches to resonance homeopathy include radiesthesia, muscle testing, and the use of various machines like Voll, Rife, electrodermal screening, or radionics machines. This 45-hour seminar takes experienced homeopaths on a journey through the realm of resonance homeopathy, exploring it theoretically and practically, and giving tools and techniques for practitioners who want to add resonance to their repertoire of homeopathic healing techniques. Many practitioners find resonance homeopathy fine tunes their selection of remedies and results in more reliable and powerful healing.

This seminar will meet for 15 sessions on Thursday evenings, 6 – 9 p.m. PST. Participants can attend in real time, either in residence at AUCM’s campus in Beverly Hills or via video-conferencing with Skype. Tuition is $900 for the 45 hours of education and training.

Dr. Richard L. Farr has been a Homeopathic Consultant in the Los Angeles area since 1982. He is an author of several monographs and over 30 articles on homeopathy (Homeopathy Today, Townsend Leter for Doctors). Years ago, Dr. Farr began collecting and studying books and manuscripts of 19th and early 20th Century homeopathic physicians in America. From his intensive study of these manuscripts, coupled with his photographic memory, Dr. Farr developed an extensive and indepth fund of knowledge in homeopathy and its uses in almost all clinical situations. For many years, Dr. Farr consulted with Dolisos, one of the world’s largest natural pharmaceutical companies. He has been a Professor of Homeopathy and Bioenergetic Medicine at AUCM since 1996. His students and colleagues agree that his knowledge in Homeopathy and Bioenergetic Medicine is unparalleled and that his teaching skills and generosity of spirit make his classes memorable and the most highly useful clinically.

REFUND POLICY: 80 % Before April 9, 2009; None Thereafter.

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