Bachelor of Arts in Holistic Health
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  The Bachelor of Arts Degree in Holistic Health is an interdisciplinary program that emphasizes the importance of optimizing mind, body, and spiritual health. It incorporates Nutrition, Homeopathy, Herbology and Mind-Body Medicine to lay the groundwork fo those interested in pursuing careers in the healing arts.
  High School Diploma or GED.
60 general education units from an approved institution.
  The curriculum consists of 60 units of study from coursework and a minimum of 60 general education units, which can be satisfied in two ways (see Optoin A & B below).

Option A: Associate of Arts in Oriental Bodywork from American University of Complementary Medicine

Option B: A minimum of 60 semester units in General Education from a regionally accredited or California approved college or university.


 HH 160: Introduction to Healing Qi Gong (2 Units)
 HH 170: Introduction to Therapeutic Hatha Yoga (2 Units)


Required Courses
 HB 200: Practical Botany for Making Plant Medicines (4 Units)
 HB 205: Introduction to Western Plant Medicine (4 Units)
 HB 210: Introduction to Chinese Plant Medicine (4 Units)
 HB 215: Introduction to Ayurvedic Plant Medicine (4 Units)
 HH 200: Bio-Energetic Medicine and Biophysics (4 Units)
 HH 205: Introduction to Non-Invasive Holistic Diagnostic Methods (4 Units)
 HH 210: Mind-Body Medical Techniques (4 Units)
 HM 200: Principles of Homeopathy (4 Units)
 HM 205: Homeopathic First Aid in Acute Situations (4 Units)
 HM 210: Homeopathy in Chronic Disorders (4 Units)
 HM 215: Homeotherapeutics (4 Units)
 NU 200: Principles of Western Nutrition (4 Units)
 NU 205: Modern Concepts of Nutrition (4 Units)
 NU 210: Comparative Nutrition (4 Units)
 NU 215: Nutritional Counseling (4 Units)