Doctor of Ayurvedic Medicine
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  The Doctor of Ayurvedic Medicine degree is a practitioner program that offers comprehensive education and training in this ancient East Indian traditional form of medicine. It combines didactic education and clinical training with an emphasis upon cultivation of the practitioner. Graduates may practice Ayurveda within the parameters outlined in the California Health Freedom Act (see page 2 of the catalog).
  Completion of a Bachelors degree from a state-approved or accredited school.
  The clinical doctoral program, consisting of 120 units, provides education and training in Ayurvedic medical theory, constitutional analysis, diagnosis, philosophy, and treatment modalities. Students will learn herbal medicine, nutrition, Hatha and meditational yoga, life style counseling, detoxification and purification techniques, and rejuvenation therapies in the clinic and classroom.


Prerequisite/Corequisite Courses (may be taken the first year of the program)
 HH 200: Bio-Energetic Medicine and Biophysics (4 Units)
 PSY 105: Theories of Personality (2 Units)
 PSY 110: Abnormal Psychology (2 Units)
 WS 110: General Chemistry (2 Units)
 WS 115: Nutritional Chemistry (or Organic and Biochemistry) (2 Units)
 WS 120: Western Orthodox Medical Terminology (2 Units)
 WS 125: Anatomy and Physiology I (4 Units)
 WS 126: Anatomy and Physiology II (4 Units)


Required Courses
 AY 300: Principles of Ayurvedic Medicine (3 Units)
 AY 305: History and Philosophy of Ayurvedic Medicine (2 Units)
 AY 310: Ayurvedic Anatomy and Physiology (4 Units)
 AY 315: Ayurvedic Pathophysiology (4 Units)
 AY 320: Ayurvedic Diagnosis & Constitutional Analysis (4 Units)
 AY 400: Ayurvedic Psychology and Lifestyle Counseling (2 Units)
 AY 410: Meditational & Hatha Yoga for Health and Disease (3 Units)
 AY 415: Ayurvedic Nutrition (3 Units)
 AY 420: Ayurvedic Marma Points, Massage and Acupressure (4 Units)
 AY 430: Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine I: Individual Herbs (6 Units)
 AY 435: Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine II: Formulas (6 Units)
 AY 440: Ayurvedic Panchakarma (4 Units)
 AY 445: Ayurvedic Rasayana or Rejuvenation Therapy (2 Units)
 AY 450: Ayurvedic Subtle Therapies (1 Units)
 AY 455: Preventive Care in Ayurveda (2 Units)
 AY 500: Externship in Ayurveda (2 Units)
 AY 550: Ayurvedic Classics: Astanga Hridayam (3 Units)
 AY 600: Ayurvedic Internal Medicine I (3 Units)
 AY 605: Ayurvedic Internal Medicine II (3 Units)
 AY 610: Ayur. Surgery & Treatment of Ear, Eye, Nose, Throat Disorders (3 Units)
 AY 615: Pediatric Ayurveda (2 Units)
 AY 700: Doctoral Internship in Ayurveda (30 Units)
 AY 710: Clinical Case Seminar in Ayurveda (4 Units)
 PSY 315: Listening and Counseling Skills for Health Professionals (2 Units)
 RE 608: Principles of Research Design & Statistics for Clinicians (4 Units)
 WS 300: Pathology and the Nature of Disease I (4 Units)
 WS 305: Pathology and the Nature of Disease II (4 Units)
 WS 405: Western Physical Assessment & Laboratory Test Analysis (4 Units)
 WS 610: Pharmacology (Allopathic) (2 Units)