Ph.D. in Homeopathy
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  The Ph.D. degree in Homeopathic Medicine is a practitioner-scholar program designed for serious students who want to not only practice homeopathy but contribute new knowledge to the field by completing an original research and/or theoretical dissertation Students receive the same intensive clinical education and training in the practice of homeopathy as do students in the D.H.M. Program. However, students in the Ph.D. Program take additional coursework in research and statistics and prepare and defend an original dissertation before a doctoral committee composed of at least three faculty members with doctoral degrees.
  Bachelor's degree from a state-approved or accredited university.
  The Ph.D. program in Homeopathy consists of 138 semester units. This program offers students the opportunity to receive intensive education and clinical training in the practice of homeopathy while cultivating their capacities to make scholarly contributions to the field.


Prerequisite or Corequisite Courses
 HH 200: Bio-Energetic Medicine and Biophysics (4 Units)
 NU 200: Principles of Western Nutrition (4 Units)
 PSY 105: Theories of Personality (2 Units)
 PSY 110: Abnormal Psychology (2 Units)
 WS 110: General Chemistry (2 Units)
 WS 120: Western Orthodox Medical Terminology (2 Units)
 WS 125: Anatomy and Physiology I (4 Units)
 WS 126: Anatomy and Physiology II (4 Units)


Required Courses
 HM 300: Principles of Homeopathy (4 Units)
 HM 315: Homeopathic Case Taking, Repertorization, & Analysis (4 Units)
 HM 320: Homeopathic First Aid and Acute Prescribing (4 Units)
 HM 325: Miasms and Chronic Diseases (2 Units)
 HM 335: Homeopathic Materia Medica for Polycrests (3 Units)
 HM 340: Gemmo/Organo/Oligo Therapies, Cell Salts & Flower Essences (4 Units)
 HM 405: Contemporary Theorists in Classical Homeopathy (4 Units)
 HM 410: Homeopathic Psychology (2 Units)
 HM 415: Homeopathic Materia Medica - Mineral Remedies (3 Units)
 HM 420: Homeopathic Materia Medica - Animal Remedies (3 Units)
 HM 425: Homeopathic Materia Medica - Plant Remedies (3 Units)
 HM 430: Homeotherapeutics (6 Units)
 HM 500: Homeopathy Externship (4 Units)
 HM 600: Adv. Miasms, Case Management & Long-Term Prescribing (4 Units)
 HM 605: Advanced Materia Medica with Provings (6 Units)
 HM 610: Collected Works of Samuel Hahnemann (3 Units)
 HM 615: Selected Works of Homeopathic Masters (2 Units)
 HM 620: Selected Issues in Contemporary Homeopathy (3 Units)
 HM 630: Pediatric Homeopathy (3 Units)
 HM 700: Homeopathy Doctoral Internship (30 Units)
 HM 710: Homeopathy Clinical Case Seminar (4 Units)
 PSY 315: Listening and Counseling Skills for Health Professionals (2 Units)
 RE 610: Principles of Research Design (3 Units)
 RE 615: Basic Statistics (3 Units)
 RE 625: Research Seminar in Complementary & Alternative Medicine (2 Units)
 RE 650: Multivariate Statistics (2 Units)
 RE 790: Dissertation Development (5 Units)
 RE 799: Doctoral Dissertation (7 Units)
 WS 300: Pathology and the Nature of Disease I (4 Units)
 WS 305: Pathology and the Nature of Disease II (4 Units)
 WS 405: Western Physical Assessment & Laboratory Test Analysis (4 Units)
 WS 470: Ethics, Legal Issues, and Practice Management (2 Units)
 WS 600: Clinical Diagnosis I (4 Units)
 WS 605: Clinical Diagnosis II (4 Units)
 WS 610: Pharmacology (Allopathic) (2 Units)