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  Department: Classical Chinese Medicine
  Units: 1
  Description: Chinese medicine is often thought of as more appropriate for chronic diseases. Ironically, the primary historical use of Chinese medicine was for acute conditions. In this series, Jeffrey Yuen will take us on a survey to revive the knowledge of treating acute and emergency conditions with Chinese medicine. While he will discuss the historical context, he will also adapt the class to tools (acupuncture, moxibustion, herbs, essential oils, etc.) available to us in modern times. The first class will discuss the management of emergency infectious diseases that can kill quickly including hemorrhagic fevers caused by e. bola and hantavirus, meningitis, septicemia and pneumonia. Day 2 will discuss acute, potentially deadly GI conditions including salmonella, deadly e.coli strains such as O104:H4 and O157:H7, enteroviruses, parasites and unknown causes of acute and severe diarrheal and vomiting diseases.