Tuition & Fees
AdminReq Tuition Policies
The complete tuition and fee schedule (including the explanation of all charges) is available from the Registrar's Office and is distributed at Registration. Tuition may be refundable based upon the formula established by The Bureau of Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education (BPPVE). All tuition charges are per unit.

Tuition payment plans are available, call the Registrar for information.

Tuition per unit, by program:

Certificate Programs (per unit) $200
A.A. Degree Program (per unit) $250
B.A. & M.S. Degree Programs (per unit) $275
Doctoral Degree Program (per unit) $300
Certificate & A.A. Degree Internship/Externship (per unit) $430
M.S. Degree Internship (per unit) $500
Doctoral Internship/Externship (per unit) $570
Doctoral Dissertation (per unit) $450

Total cost of degree programs excluding fees, cost of books, materials, and any prerequisite or prior coursework required:
Associate of Arts in Asian Bodywork (East Asian Bodywork Option) $15,900
Associate of Arts in Asian Bodywork (Ayurvedic Bodywork Option) $15,720
Bachelor of Arts in Holistic Health $16,500
Master of Science in Nutritional Medicine $22,600
Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine $43,580
Doctor of Ayurvedic Medicine $42,440
Ph.D. in Ayurvedic Medicine $48,615
Ph.D. in Classical Chinese Medicine (for L.Ac.s or those with Master's degrees or equivalent of 30 units in a Master's program in Chinese Medicine) $21,450
Ph.D. in Homeopathy $49,205

Total cost of certificate programs excluding fees, cost of books, materials, and any prerequisite or prior coursework required:
Certificate Program in Ayurvedic Medicine (660 hours) $8,950
Homeopathic Practitioner Certificate (420 hours) $5,720
Homeopathic Practitioner Certificate - CCH Option (1,230 hours) in preparation for the CCH Examination. $14,540
Certificate Program in Herbology (240 hours) $3,200
Certificate Program in Clinical Aromatherapy (240 hours) $3,200
Certificate Program in Arthava Vedic Psychology & Lifestyle Counseling (690 hours) $9,350
Certificate Program in Asian Bodywork (675 hours) $9,150
Certificate Program in Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy (660 hours) $8,950
Certificate Program in Nutritional Medicine (360 hours) $4,800
Auditors (per unit) for registered students repeating a class $125
Auditors (per unit) for non-registered students same tuition as per program class is in

Application Fee
Auditor/Certificate $75
Degree Student $75
International Student $75
Re-Enrollment/Re-admission $100
(Applications received without payment will not be processed.)

Textbooks and Course Materials
A list of required textbooks and materials for each course may be posted in the Registrar's Office before the beginning of each program. Textbooks will

Student Records
AUCM will maintain student records for five years, as required by state law. Student transcripts will be maintained for fifty years.

Other Fees
Student Association, per year $24
Library per year $30
UCLA Library per year $100
Challenge Exam, per exam $250
Evaluation of Transfer Credit, per course $75
Add $10
Drop $10
Change of Program $25
Late registration $100
Library use for all non-AUCM students, per year $30
Petition to Graduate $75
Diploma $50
Graduation (Includes cap/gown, ceremony.) approx. $225

Payment Plan: Students may pay half of their tuition down and divide the remaining payments over the course of their term. No students will be allowed to register for a new term if the previous term's balance has not been paid.
Set Up Fee, per year $35
Late Payment Charge, per missed payment $100
Returned Check Fee $35
Annual Finance Charge 10% of Program cost
(The payment plan requires a credit card guarantee or automatic bank debit agreement)

Rush Transcript, in one working day $15
Transcript, per copy $10
Minimum Degree Program Fees
(Optional fees may be accrued by the student as their needs dictate [e.g., late registration fees and deferred payments.] All students may choose to obtain library cards at one or more other institutions at a cost of up to $50 per institution).

1st year:
Application fee $ 75
Library fee $ 30
UCLA Library fee $100
Student Association $ 24

2nd year, etc.:
Library fee $ 30
UCLA Library fee $100
Student Association $ 24
Petition to Graduate $ 75
Cancellation Policy
A student has the right to cancel his or her agreement, including any equipment or other goods and services included in the agreement and receive a full refund (less application fee) until midnight of the first day of instruction. The cancellation takes effect when the school receives written Notice of Cancellation at AUCM, 415 N. Camden Drive, Suite 203, Beverly Hills, CA 90210. Any written expression that states the student wishes not to be bound by the agreement will serve as Notice of Cancellation to the school if provided to the school by midnight of the day of the student's first class. If the student mails a Notice of Cancellation to the school, it becomes effective as of the postmark, if properly addressed with proper postage. A student is due a complete refund within thirty days after the school receives a valid Notice of Cancellation. However, if the student received any equipment, it must be returned to the school within thirty days of the date of the Notice of Cancellation. If it is not returned, the school may deduct the documented cost of the equipment from the amount of the refund.

Refund Policy
A student has the right to withdraw from school at any time and receive a refund for that part of the course not taken, for which the student paid. If a student withdraws after one (1) business day following the first day of class, the student is entitled to only a partial refund. The notice of withdrawal and the request for refund must be made in writing. The amount of that refund is to be ³pro-rated² according to the incomplete portion of the course up to 60 percent, less the cost of any unreturned equipment and a registration/administration fee of $100.00. The formula for refund calculation is as follows: The $100 registration/administration fee is deducted from the total amount of the tuition. This amount is then divided by the number of hours in the course to obtain an hourly rate which is multiplied by the number of hours that the student actually completed, and subtracted from the amount of money paid by the student (less the adminstration fee). The refund is to be paid within 30 days of withdrawal. A refund notice is to be sent to the student 30 days after the refund is made. After completing 60 percent or more of the course, the student will receive no refund.

AUCM reserves the right to cancel, reschedule, or combine courses, and to change instructors. If a course is canceled or rescheduled, you may request an official transfer to another course or refund of enrollment fee.

AUCM admits students of any race, religion, color, and national or ethnic origin.

Changes in Registration
Students who wish to make a change or alteration in their registration must contact the Registrar's Office for an Add/Drop Form along with the required tuition and fees. The number of course hours completed at the time of the change in registration is the decisive issue that resolves whether refunds are payable for the dropped courses and determines the amount of fees paid. The add period is the first three weeks of each Program. See AUCM's refund policy for amount of refund available for dropped courses. No refund is granted for classes dropped after sixty percent of the class hours are completed.

Courses may be dropped with written notice only. Telephone communication is not acceptable. A facsimile communication signed by the student will be accepted as long as the student completes the add/drop form as required. No fees accrue if a course is canceled by the University.

A student who chooses to withdraw from a class or classes must officially notify the Registrar's Office in writing and file an add/drop form with the Registrar's Office. Students may withdraw and receive a Withdrawal (W) grade any time before a class ends. However, if a student stops attending a class but neglects to withdraw from the class officially, the student will receive an Unsatisfactory Withdrawal (UW) notice.

Leave of Absence
Students who are prevented by extraordinary personal or professional reasons from attending AUCM for two or more consecutive months, but plan to return as soon as possible, must apply for a formal leave of absence. The duration of such a leave will not be longer than a year after the end of the student's program. The student acquires from and returns a Leave of Absence Form to the Dean's Office. The Dean informs the Registrar's Office that the leave has been approved and stipulates the length of the leave. Before taking an approved leave, the student meets with the Dean. In addition, the student must inform the Dean's Office before his/her return and schedule another meeting with the Dean.

Students on approved leave are not held accountable for changes in degree requirements that were instituted during the leave. If the student attends another academic institution during leave and completes classes that are relevant to the AUCM degree programs, the student must forward official transcripts to AUCM.