Special Spa/Clinic Programs
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  Special programs at the AUCM Spa/Clinic intermix mind-body counseling, lifestyle management, and meditation techniques, integrative fitness programs, Classical Chinese medicine and acupuncture, East-Indian Ayurvedic medicine, nutritional and dietary medicine, herbal medicine, homeopathy, European and Ayurvedic facials, aromatherapy, and European, Oriental, and Ayurvedic massage and bodywork. Below is a list of these exciting programs, with treatments included in each:

Asian Beauty Secrets Program
12 Acupuncture facelifts (with instruction in how to do your own acupressure face lifts)
6 Ayurvedic Panchakarma with Shirodhara treatments
12 Herbal Bodywraps or Celulite Treatments
12 Bodysense/ Body sculpturing integrative fitness sessions
2 Individual consultations for herbs and nutrition for skin care and life style counseling regarding rhythms of nature
6 Ayurvedic facials (45 minutes)

Longevity and Rejuvenation Program
3 Mind-Body/Lifestyle Counseling sessions
6 Detox South Indian Malabar Ayurvedic Treatments with Shirodhara
3 Rejuvenating South Indian Malabar Treatments with Shirodhara
2 Individual Consultations with Herbs & Nutrition
6 Bodysense integrative fitness consultations
12 Herbal Bodywraps or Deep Tissue Massages

Natural Slimness Program (Weight Loss over 3 month period)
12 Mind-Body Counseling/Imagery for Body Image
24 Cellulite Massages or Bodywraps
36 Bodysense Training Sessions
12 Ayurvedic/Chinese Gua Sha Treatments
12 Acupuncture with Tiger Warmer Treatments & Auriculotherapy
24 Auriculotherapy Treatments
3 Individual Consultations with Herbs & Nutrition

Smoking Cessation Program
12 Mind-Body Counseling (three 50-minute, nine 25-minutes)
12 Auriculotherapy (daily for four days, twice a week thereafter)
6 Body Acupuncture
12 Shirodhara
6 Ayurvedic Massage
6 Bodysense/Integrative Fitness

Healthy Woman Program
1 Mind-Body Counseling
3 Bodywork
3 Bodysense (integrative fitness)
8 Acupuncture
1 Individual consultation with Herbs & Nutrition
6 Panchakarma with Shirodhara

Wise Woman/Womenopause Program
3 Mind-Body Counseling
6 Acupuncture
1 Individual Consultation
3 Bodywork
3 Bodysense
6 Ayurvedic Panchakarma with Shirodhara

Stress Balancing Program (Healthy Stress)
3 Mind-Body Counseling
6 Integrative Fitness/Bodysense
2 Individual Consultation for Nutrition & Herbs (1 60-minutes, 1 30-minutes)
6 Acupuncture
6 Shirodhara
3 Ayurvedic Bodywork
3 Panchakarma + Shirodhara

Pain Release Program for Acute Pain (1 month)
4 Mind-Body Counseling
8 Acupuncture
2 Individual Consultation with Herbs & Nutrition
8 Ayurvedic Massage
8 Bodysense/Integrative Fitness

Pain Release Program for Chronic Pain (3 months)
12 Mind-Body Counseling
3 Individual Consultations with Herbs & Nutrition (one 1 hr, 2 1/2 hr.)
24 Acupuncture
12 Ayurvedic Malabar + Shirodhara
12 Bodywork
12 Bodysense